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Ever felt like waiting to take action on a project or goal until you felt more confident or motivated?

We all do this!  

The funny thing is that science tells us that this is exactly the opposite of what we want to do!  

Actually taking the action creates the confidence and the motivation we think we need to move towards success!

Fear of making a mistake or failing to reach a goal keeps us from taking action.  

Of course, when we don't take action towards a goal, we fail to reach it anyway so we create the "failure" by failing to act.

What if you could think of failure in a totally new way?

Steve Chandler (author, speaker and coach) talks about seeing failure as GAME FILM!

What does an athlete do after the game to prepare for the next week or the season? Yep!  The great ones review game film.  Lots of game film.

They don't review game film to see themselves do things well as much to look at when things didn't go well.  They take that information and...

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fear vulnerability Jul 20, 2017

Get Naked! 

We all fear to some extent being vulnerable.  It feels uncomfortable.  We fear looking bad or not knowing the answers.  We see it in ourselves as being weak and think others will think we are weak if we show up being vulnerable.   The funny thing is that when others are vulnerable, we see it as strength!  When someone shares something personal that is painful, we feel honored.  We feel trusted. (Assuming the share is appropriate).

Brene Brown - one of my favorite people, talks about a moment where she headed to the mall with her daughter and she was only going for a quick errand so she ran out of the house in sweats without makeup or a shower.  :)  Of course, She ran into two other moms in the store.  Brene describes them as skinny, beautiful and totally put together.  Brene was feeling not her best when she notices the moms (and their daughters) staring.  She realizes that her own daughter is dancing to the...

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How mini breaks and Ponder time can improve your creativity, your problem solving, your mood and your energy.

It is counter intuitive.

We all at times feel that we do not have the time to take a break from our hectic lives.  This is actually the time when it is the most important.

In fact, daily rejuvenation done as a habit will improve your creativity, your decision making, your mood and your energy.

Taking a vacation is not rejuvenation!  

Although you may not "feel" like you have the time to take a break, you do.  Make the choice to support yourself.

Rejuvenation needs to happen often and in short spurts to keep your energy high. 

Taking mini breaks every 20 minutes has been shown to boost decision making, creativity, energy and mood.  Set a timer.  (on your phone, silly)

When it goes off try this:

  • Close your eyes and give them a rest from looking at your screen;
  • Stand up and gently bounce on your toes getting your lymphatic system flowing;
  • If you...
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Mini Goals

goals mini goals Jun 20, 2017

If you have ever procrastinated on taking action towards a goal or had your motivation drop after being all excited about a new goal - this hack will help!

Mini goals help prevent procrastination, improve your motivation beyond the honeymoon phase of goal achievement and improve your self confidence!  Super Cool.  Check out the video to see how you can break down your goal into a mini goal.

Hint: The key to breaking your big goal down is to make it almost impossible to fail!


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Prevent Choking when your Performance Counts.

Uncategorized May 22, 2017

Ever choked?

It might have been going blank during an interview, an important exam, at a board meeting or an athletic event. 

Choking is performance way below your ability.

Why does this happen and how can we prevent it?

All choking stems from worry. Negative worry.

Whether you have an important test, an athletic event, a business meeting or presentation - all chocking comes from worrying about the negative consequences of a failure.  Which, oddly enough, creates performance well below our ability - hence a choke!

Studies have shown that although choking can happen in many different types of performance, how we prevent it in sports competition is different than in a test, a meeting, an interview or a presentation.

What happens when we choke?

Our negative thoughts and worries flood the area of our brain that also controls short term memory - our prefrontal cortex.  When our prefrontal cortex is flooded with thoughts of worry, our ability to access our short term memory...

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Assessment: How to grow and stay confident!


When we are working towards mastery we make mistakes. In order to learn a new skill and improve we have to get uncomfortable i.e. out of our comfort zones.

As we learn and things don't as we would like, Olympic gold medalist, Lanny Bassham says we should only have three answers to the question, "How did it go?".

1.  Awesome

2. Okay

3.  This is where it gets tricky!  The negative voice wants to yell that you sucked!  But that isn't helpful.  Instead, respond, "Needs Work".

You gotta love that!

Now, the key here is if you answered with Okay or Needs work - then what?  Endless and mind numbing recreation of the mistake in your mind?  NO!  All that does is reinforces the mistake or the way you do not want to perform!  

Instead, visualize exactly how you want to perform.  Now that increases the neural path of how you want to perform.  That mental visualization will  create the foundation for the actual performance.


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kindness Apr 28, 2017

What if you could do one thing every day and change the world?  And it would change you too.  


So simple.  So easy.  So POWERFUL.

How will you change the world with your kindness today?


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Drunk Monkeys

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2017

If you have ever had a problem occupy your mind so that it negatively effected your other work, your sleep, your stress and mood - check out this simply yet hugely effective way to change your focus and get your mind monkey focused on what you want to focus on.  

BTW ... RAS = Reticular Activating System :)

I would love to hear what you think.  Let me know how this cool tool works for you.

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5 Ways to Increase your Happiness!


Who couldn't add to their level of Happiness, right?

The Heart Math device I showed in the video is called "Inner Balance" and the cord can be purchased from Heart Math Here and the App on Apple is Free. The Heart Math website contains a wealth of knowledge about Heart math. Information about  heart and the head communication start here.

Just to be clear, I DO NOT have an affiliate relationship with this company. I am simply sharing something I use and love in the spirit of bumping up the world's Happiness. Any other questions, shoot me an email [email protected], I would love to hear from you.


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How to Create Goals so that you Achieve Greater Success

goal setting Jan 12, 2017

If you have ever struggled with keeping or achieving a goal that you really wanted to reach – you need to WOOP it!  J

WOOP is a goal setting process created by Dr. Gabriele Oettingen and it is AWESOME!

WOOP stands for:

W = Wish or Goal

When you choose a goal, studies show that if it meets or aligns with these 6 factors you have a much greater chance of success:

  • Time frame – choose one that is reachable and challenging
  • Control – It is okay to have a goal that doesn’t put the ability to reach it in your full control (think learning to meditate, lower stress, eat healthy, move more etc.) but consider reframing it so that you so have control.  A promotion at work involves things outside your control. And how can you create a series of goals around preparing yourself to be an attractive promotional candidate?
  • Approach Goal – science shows that we achieve more and enjoy the process more if our goals are towards something (i.e. approach) rather than...
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