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High Pressure. High Stakes. 


Most people define success as Achievement despite years of experience meeting big goals that bring fleeting joy.

You understand there is another way.

You will always have a bias for High Performance. It’s how you’re wired. But “more” is not getting you want you want. Let’s re-define success your way.

My Super Power is Helping You Achieve Yours While Enhancing You.



As a former litigation attorney, I traded wearing my pumps at the Courthouse for steel toed and steel shanked boots at the firehouse (at age 39) where I lead teams of firefighters as the first female officer in the history of my Department.

For over three decades, I've performed in intense, often life or death situations, where it was essential that I perform at my best with the additional pressure of being the "first" and the "only".

When you want to perform at your highest potential without sacrificing what's important, contact me.

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Teams and 1:1

Happy? Wondering if this is all there is or what's next?  Feeling like more isn't the answer and curious about what something different could look like?

I usually work with clients 1:1 over the course of a year or more.  And, I design single day, and half day sessions.  All my work is tailor made.  We can design together what will work best for your style of transformation.

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"I’ve been working with Shannon for little over a year. In that time she has helped me both professionally and personally by offering opportunities to find clarity and perspective. I can confidently say that without her gentle guidance and thoughtful approach, I would not have navigated the last year nearly as successfully or as intentionally. The work is not always easy or fun, but the outcome has been worth it in every respect. "

Cynthia Turner
Administrative Law Judge

"Life can get busy and stressful, and often the flame of personal motivation can diminish or be snuffed out completely. We’ve all been there. That’s why having Shannon as part of my weekly personal regimen has proven to be a source of fuel to keep that flame burning bright! My life is happier and more fulfilled because Shannon has helped give me the tools I need to improve the way I show up in both my personal and business lives. I’m accomplishing more, feeling happier and feeling more motivated than ever!"

James Chapple
Composer for Music television shows on PBS, Nickelodeon, and Amazon.

"Shannon is insightful, strong in mind and body, and inspired with great ideas! As my coach, she has provided effective tools, mindfulness trainings and guidance in goal setting and healthy living that helped me grow through challenges and continually strive to become the most balanced version of my best self. Shannon’s coaching, support and encouragement has been an invaluable blessing in my life – all during a period of time when I was recovering from the loss of my brother, my dad and mother, changing career paths and recovering from a significant personal injury. Without any hesitation or qualifications, I recommend Shannon as a brilliant life coach for those seeking effective results in life-management and even transformation."

Lezlie Plastino
Partner, Commercial Property Management

"Shannon is an incredible leader with a unique background, perspective, and skill set. She brings life leadership skills to teams and individuals which validates each person's authentic gifts and bring forth your best self to life and work."

Cooper Morrison
Principal Real Estate Investment Firm

"This is no workshop. This is not a training. It’s a full body and mind-blowing experience. Shannon taught me how to locate and access wisdom I didn’t even know I had in me. "

Wendy Cirello
Entrepreneur Magic Maker

"Shannon's leadership training was a blast! Not only did it push my physical, mental, and emotional boundaries in the best way possible, it allowed me to see how my relationship to those challenges show up in my leadership skills and business. I got to experience on a visceral level my biggest strengths as a leader as well as see opportunities for growth. Shannon split us up into firefighter "squads" that really shed light on how I show up on teams. It was a very valuable experience that helped me become a more effective leader."

Hayden Lee
Leadership Coach & Consultant

" I’m not a fan of trust building exercise, but found Shannon’s program totally transformative. I left the day feeling more equipped to face uncertain and seemingly risky situations. I am an endurance athlete and used what I learned from Shannon to successfully complete a difficult 50K race just a few days after. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in taking their leadership game to a higher level."

Carolyn Mahboubi
Entrepreneur & Advisor


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