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My Philosophy

There is nothing to fix. There is nothing “wrong” with you. Never has been. Never will be. Life has a way of leaving us a bit muddy, bruised, injured, and maybe, scared. At times, we can feel not quite good enough. I have felt this many times. As we move through life, we can acquire mud both from others and from ourselves.

My Super Power is to Help you Step into Yours

I help people, like you, scrape off mud. Underneath Your mud is your true self. All the work I do, is designed to help you see how amazing you are and help you to bring forth your gifts into the world. You need you at your best. My gift is to help you realize this and assist in your journey. Even when your belief falters. Especially when you believe you can’t. I like doing the impossible and I love helping others do it too! We are all more capable than we know.

Hi, I'm Lt. Shannon

My name is Shannon Sedlacek.  As a former litigation attorney and retired firefighter, I have over 30 years of experience helping people.  

Using my unusual background, I help successful people, often facing a bit of a midlife crisis (I had my first in my early 30’s leaving the practice of law) generate and execute their plan for consistently creating higher performance - not just in their work, but in their health and relationships as well. 

Creating professional success while destroying our health and relationships isn’t my version of success.  I’ve done that!  Maybe you have done that as well.

I want consistent success in each of the important areas of my life and I want you to have that too.

My life is dedicated to Re-igniting your  fire

so that you Consistently show up as your best self in

Work, Energy, and Love.


Allow Yourself the Grace to Fail and be messy!

When we let fear stop us from going for our dreams, they remain just dreams.  Embracing the inevitable wipe outs - and the often "messy" process to success we allow ourselves the grace to fail.  And that is the win!  When we really go for our dreams, we inevitably make mistakes or wipe out!  

Every accomplishment we achieve we tend to forget all the ways we failed!

Check out mine ...  

I struggled with air sickness when I was learning to fly.  My biggest fear was that I would actually crash because I was vomiting!!  

While flying in an exam, yes, I puked my guts out!  Not fun! And, guess what?  I can puke and fly! This was a great opportunity to end my dream of getting my pilot's license. Instead, I learned the very thing necessary from what I thought was something preventing me from my goal.  I learned I can puke and fly! The challenge gave me the very thing I needed to move forward with confidence. 

The Path to Success is Rarely without flat out failure!

3x Failure for the WIN!

I FAILED my first firefighter exam (think GED multiple choice)  after passing the bar exam a few years earlier. Humbling.  Time to let that dream go? Instead, I learned how to take multiple choice tests.

I landed NUMBER 1 on the hiring list and was passed over 3 times. Triple ouch! Opportunity for a pity party? Sure.  And then I got back to work!

My first Fire Academy - failed. Ouch! After many grueling months of work - I was out.  Definitely an opportunity to quit. Instead, the next fire academy I earned an inspirational award and Chief's company (best firefighter). And I  completed the fire academy just prior to my 39th birthday. I went on to become the first female officer in the history of my fire department.

Had I Quit when I felt like it ... 

I play Full OUT!  And that can produce some great wipe outs!  And, the fear of wiping out can prevent us from living our dreams.

 I have done that too.

As your coach, I promise to  challenge you (always with your permission).  I will always have your back and sometimes hold your hand.  


When you are ready ...

Here are a few ways we can Ignite your Fire together.

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Starting my career as a litigation attorney working 60 to 80 hour work weeks set me up perfectly for distraction and exhaustion.  Then, I had a dream ... 

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Private Coaching

I work with clients in small group Adventures and 1:1.  All my coaching is tailor made.  I work with clients over an extended period of time or I design half day deep dive sessions.  Let's connect and generate your plan for re-ignition.    

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"I’ve been working with Shannon for little over a year. In that time she has helped me both professionally and personally by offering opportunities to find clarity and perspective. I can confidently say that without her gentle guidance and thoughtful approach, I would not have navigated the last year nearly as successfully or as intentionally. The work is not always easy or fun, but the outcome has been worth it in every respect. "

Cynthia Turner
Administrative Law Judge

"Life can get busy and stressful, and often the flame of personal motivation can diminish or be snuffed out completely. We’ve all been there. That’s why having Shannon as part of my weekly personal regimen has proven to be a source of fuel to keep that flame burning bright! My life is happier and more fulfilled because Shannon has helped give me the tools I need to improve the way I show up in both my personal and business lives. I’m accomplishing more, feeling happier and feeling more motivated than ever!"

James Chapple
Composer for Music television shows on PBS, Nickelodeon, and Amazon.

"Shannon is insightful, strong in mind and body, and inspired with great ideas! As my coach, she has provided effective tools, mindfulness trainings and guidance in goal setting and healthy living that helped me grow through challenges and continually strive to become the most balanced version of my best self. Shannon’s coaching, support and encouragement has been an invaluable blessing in my life – all during a period of time when I was recovering from the loss of my brother, my dad and mother, changing career paths and recovering from a significant personal injury. Without any hesitation or qualifications, I recommend Shannon as a brilliant life coach for those seeking effective results in life-management and even transformation."

Lezlie Plastino
Partner, Commercial Property Management

Close Your Gap! 

There is the best, most courageous, joyful and engaged version of yourself that you are striving towards and then, there is your present self. We all have a gap between these two selves.  Learn how to avoid Fear, Fatigue & Frusteration from blocking your path to Success & Happiness. 


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