Ignite Your Fire

Coaching isn't about needing another's "help" to succeed.  I coach successful people who want to magnify their success! Coaching is like jet fuel. You grow faster and have more fun!

Curious? Let's talk. 

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River Rafting Coaching Adventure! This May join a group of other awesome peeps for this Coaching Adventure.  

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Private Coaching

 Coaching is an experience.  Learn more about how we can re-kindle your Fire by reaching out below so you can experience how jet fuel might accelerate your journey.

You choose whether you want to work virtually or face to face. I work with clients 1:1 here in Seattle and internationally.   If  this sounds like fun,  click to learn more.  

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Burn Your Sh*t Kit

Everybody has it!

Have a blast Burning what is holding you back.

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MindSet Gym, A Group Coaching Gym

Sign up here to get all the specifics for MindSet Gym.  The Fun Monthly Coaching Group starting Soon.