Perform when it Counts

High Performance & Success on Your Terms

Team or 1:1 Experiences


No one needs another boring workshop or zoom training.

I design visceral high level leadership EXPERIENCES that directly impact your performance under pressure. 

This isn't a "thrill shop".  The experiences I design for you or your team will directly effect your bottom line and will provide practical tools that tie to your daily challenges.

Physical demands are tailor made for each team member so they meet their edge and are always at choice.

If you want more than another "trust fall" or zoom work shop, let's talk.

You can reach me at [email protected]


Work with me Privately

Happy? Wondering if this is all there is or what's next?  Feeling like more isn't the answer and curious about what something different could look like?

I usually work with clients 1:1 over the course of a year or more.  And, I design single day, and half day sessions.  All my work is tailor made.  We can design together what will work best for your style of transformation.

Curious? Reach me at

[email protected]




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