Are You Covered in Mind Set MUD?

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2019


The photo above is of a solid gold Buddha.  It's real gold.  Back in the 1700's, Thai monks covered up depictions of the Buddha for political reasons to protect them from theft or destruction.

The above Buddha was covered up with a sloppy mud like substance made to look like a very ugly Buddha statue and hence, not one to steal.  The problem was that they forgot about what was underneath the ugly exterior.  In fact, the inner beauty was not known until may years later.  The huge ugly Buddha was stored outside until a new spot was created.

In 1955, a new temple was built and it was large enough to hold this enormous "ugly Buddha" statue.  During the long process of carefully moving the statue, it became dark and the statue fell.  It was too dark at the time to assess the damage so the monks decided to wait until morning to see how they could repair it.

The next morning, while assessing the damage, one monk noticed a glint under some of the area that had fractured.  Upon further exploration, it was discovered there was an entire golden statue beneath the ugly exterior.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Because each of us is like the Golden Buddha.

We cover our light, our gifts and our true selves from the world.  We cover our golden light consciously and unconsciously with "mind set mud".  The cool thing is that we just need to rub off some mud to let our light out into the world! 

During our lives we get muddy!

The mud represents  our challenges or obstacles in life.  The mud represents the stories we tell ourselves about why we can't be a certain way or accomplish certain things. 

Mud represents the mind sets we have created that block our inner light, our inner golden selves from reaching the world. 

Mind set Mud.  

Sometimes, we layer on the mud hoping it will protect us from the hard parts of life. 

Sometimes, others throw mud at us and some of that mud sticks to us, covering up our light.

Sometimes, just living our lives, we get beat up and dirty adding layers of mind set mud over our golden selves.

At some point we seek out therapy, coaching or self improvement with the idea that we need "fixing."

We have come to believe that there is something wrong with us.  We believe we are somehow "less than"  or defective in some way.

We think if we can get the defect fixed, or fill in the "less than" part,  life would be filled with more of all the good things we want.

We tell ourselves once we are "fixed" we will be happy, have fulfilling work, be our healthiest weight, have loving, supportive relationships and . . .

You get the point.

I certainly grew up with the understanding that I was defective.  I grew up believing that because I was different, because I was gay,  I was defective.  And, if that couldn't be "fixed" I could just cover it up.  Years of shame and not showing up as my authentic self was the result.  

Years ago, I initially sought therapy with the idea that I was broken and needed fixing.

I later dove into the world of "self help" with the same misunderstanding.

It wasn't until later that I realized, I wasn't defective!  

Maybe you've thought you were defective or not good enough.

Everyone has some story they tell themselves about not being good enough.

Your story might be that you are not smart enough, don't have the perfect body, the right size boobs or you are not successful enough.  

Here is the problem with that.  

Much of the time, we are not even aware that story is playing in  the background of our minds!


Your  false mindset creates mud which covers your inner light from reaching the world. It covers your light from reaching  your family, your work, and from reaching you.

There is a huge difference between seeking to reach a greater level of self mastery and feeling defective! 

You are not defective.

I am not defective.

No one is.

We go in search of getting "fixed" on the outside and we forget about our gold on the inside.

There is nothing to fix.

You are the golden Buddha.

And, you have some mind set mud covering your light.

Everyone does.

I am not saying we cannot become better versions of ourselves.

I believe in ongoing self mastery.

But, not from a place of being defective or not good enough.

All of our gold Buddha's have some mud on them.

No worries!

Life is not about getting "fixed".

Life is about rubbing off our mind set mud so that our inner gold, our inner light can shine into the world.

There is only one you.

There is only one golden you.

You can hide behind the mud.

You can continue to try to "fix" what isn't broken.

Or, you can gently rub off your mind set mud.

Coaching helps you rub off your mind set mud.

Rub off your mind set mud and uncover your inner gold so that your inner light can brightly shine into the world.   MindSet Gym, a monthly Coaching Group, is where you will learn about how you mud up so you can rub off your mind set mud with other fun peeps!  To learn more, go here:


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