Equanimity Game

balance feelings Dec 04, 2017

A Fun Game To Regain Your Inner Balance.

This  game challenges us to regain our inner balance through mindfulness techniques.

The whole point of the game is to improve the time it takes you to regain your inner balance.  Here is how it works:

1. Notice when we are out of balance.  Something has brought up feelings that you are resisting and wrestling with.  Stop the wrestling!  Notice.  

2.  Feel it.  What ever the feeling is feel it without judgement.  Feelings are not good or bad, just feelings.

3.  Make a choice to let it go and regain your balance.

4.  Note how long it took you to regain your balance and make a game of doing it just a tiny bit faster next time.

5.  Build your bounce back resiliency!

I used this game the day I heard of it from Brian Johnson (amazing philosopher and all around cool guy).  Two things were delivered to my post box that brought up strong feelings that I could have gone into rumination...

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