How to Create Goals so that you Achieve Greater Success

goal setting Jan 12, 2017

If you have ever struggled with keeping or achieving a goal that you really wanted to reach – you need to WOOP it!  J

WOOP is a goal setting process created by Dr. Gabriele Oettingen and it is AWESOME!

WOOP stands for:

W = Wish or Goal

When you choose a goal, studies show that if it meets or aligns with these 6 factors you have a much greater chance of success:

  • Time frame – choose one that is reachable and challenging
  • Control – It is okay to have a goal that doesn’t put the ability to reach it in your full control (think learning to meditate, lower stress, eat healthy, move more etc.) but consider reframing it so that you so have control.  A promotion at work involves things outside your control. And how can you create a series of goals around preparing yourself to be an attractive promotional candidate?
  • Approach Goal – science shows that we achieve more and enjoy the process more if our goals are towards something (i.e. approach) rather than...
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