Gerbil Wheel?

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2018


How to get off your gerbil wheel and create more happiness and success not more exhaustion.

The Gerbil Wheel!

Have you been on life's equivalent of the Gerbil Wheel?

Me too!

I used to think that in order to be happier and more successful, I needed to work harder!  More time, more effort, less fun and play.

When I was practicing law, I thought that success was counted in the billable hours my bosses wanted.  So, I tried to meet those crazy billable hour requirements.

Ever done that?  Work so hard you don't have much else but ... work?

I told myself that it is only crazy for a while!  Things will calm down and then I will work out or eat better or call some friends, plan something fun - but life just kept marching on.

Then years went by.

Wow!  That didn't work!

That is a recipe for burn out, depression and well, exhaustion!

I even changed careers to slow down.

But, instead of slowing down I just worked FASTER!  Firefighters do everything with SPEED!

I still wanted all the same great things in life but the exhaustion and injuries were keeping me from seeing something ...

So - what is the alternative? 

Slow down and look inside.

Don't get me wrong - actions that improve our craft and move us toward our dreams are necessary.  And - it isn't until we look inside instead of outside that it all works.

Happiness isn't something you arrive at.  It is not a destination.  It is inside.  

It's actually ...


A choice.

What stories do you tell yourself that keep you from creating the life you want from the inside out?

If delving into what holds you back so that you can toss it out like a shirt that doesn't fit, I invite you to slow down with a group of amazing folks and learn more about doing that.  Learn more Here about a Retreat.

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