Ever found yourself at either extreme:

Frenetic, constant busyness, feeling like you are on a gerbil wheel of activity yet never arriving any place you like?




Do you feel bored, listless, unmotivated like you are going through the motions and don’t really care but a part of you wants to?


Me too. 

I think we all have.

So how do we re-orient ourselves toward inner harmony where we feel excited, vibrant, creative and playful?

We all want something different without changing anything.  Yet, we know a change is necessary.

We need a new environment, a change of pace and support of new friends.


The place of harmony we seek is the balance of eudemonic stress and quiet stillness.  This is a place where we feel energized, excited and vibrant without exhaustion.  This is the place where we feel a deep sense of connection to our inner wisdom and confidence.

How can you create this in your life?

  1. Your awareness that your life is out of harmony is the first step.  Generating more clarity requires time in quiet reflection.  Unplug.  Be quiet. Listen.
  2. Willingness to Explore. Your willingness to explore how harmony can be created in your life is the next step.  This takes the courage of action.  Doing something about the feeling of imbalance can be hard.  What if we do it wrong?  Hint:  There is no wrong, just different.  Be gentle with yourself.  Try something out.  Try something different.
  3. What is one small step you can do today allowing yourself to tap into your inner wisdom, your inner vibrancy?

More harmony can be generated with more time alone or with the help of a small group.  Or both.  Explore what works for you.


If you are feeling the pull to explore how you can grow in a small group of women, learn more about Fire Sisters Here:



If you feel the pull to explore in a private environment, send me a note here:

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