A womens Coaching Group

Cultivate Your Best Year

As Women, we often spend our time making others better -whether at home, at work or both.

To best cultivate the good you do in the world, you need Inspiration, Connection, Challenge and Stillness forged by a loving group of kindred spirits called Fire Sisters.

We will explore the paradox of Action and stillness,

of Challenge and Reflection,

of Doing and Being.

Fire Sisters is a small group of Women, who want the same things you do:

  • More Clarity around what is important in this season of your life;

  • and how to shed old programming

  • and create a daily system where you consistently focus your efforts on what matters.

  • Explore the super charged practice of Gratitude and Forgiveness

  • Cultivating a foundation of Energetic support with Sleep, Fuel, Move, Breathe, and rejuvenation practices that support your best you.




The Paradox of Growth: Challenge & Stillness

We need both Challenge and Stillness in the right balance.   Too much challenge leads to overwhelm and giving up.  Too little challenge leads to boredom and a life without meaning and purpose.  

Stillness is vital.  It allows us to deeply listen to our inner selves and the wisdom we all carry.  In our hyper connected world cultivating stillness reconnects us to our best version of who we are capable of being more consistently.  

Fire Sisters is a small group of women who gather to Spark & Re-ignite dreams, to radiate love, support and inspiration, and to extinguish and let go of what is not serving us. 

Fire Sisters 2020 The Year of AWE


Each month we are not on a retreat, we will meet on the first Tuesday of each month.  (6-9 pm) Or we mix it up! 

Except August.

We will head to Lake Union on my boat and eat dinner, enjoy the water, views and each other. 

There are three retreats.  Each retreat combines coaching, connecting and growing together.  

Retreat Housing and meals are all included in the program. (some exclusions)

Camano Island Retreat 

The theme of this retreat is the paradox of stress.  

Activities in addition to coaching:  Group Ropes Course, Fire pit gazing, Kayaking & beach walking.  We will make meals for each other.  All meals, housing and activities  provided except  meals out. Housing will be in 1 of 2 homes on Camano. April 30 - (evening) - May 3 afternoon.

The 2nd Camano House (if needed)

Sedona, Arizona Retreat

We will gather at this gorgeous house in Sedona, Arizona. The theme of this Retreat will be Doing and Being. Activities in addition to coaching: Hiking, fire pit, spa (optional on your own) with plenty of connection and reflection time. Housing, meals, special night hike included. Airfare, meals out and optional spa treatments are not included in package. Transportation to Sedona included if you choose to travel with me (same flight or similar time). Wednesday September 16 - Sunday September 20.

Sedona kitchen

Sedona Outside gathering area

Harstine Island Retreat

While enjoying the beauty of this amazing island, we will review the year and honor our growth as we light fires for 2021. January 7 - January 10, 2021

The forest beckons stillness ...

Soak in the stillness of moss laden branches as they cuddle you in a hammock of joyful growth.

Spark, Radiate and Extinguish

Fire Sisters is a small group of women who gather to Spark & Re-ignite dreams, to radiate love, support and inspiration, and to extinguish and let go of what is not serving us.


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