How mini breaks and Ponder time can improve your creativity, your problem solving, your mood and your energy.

It is counter intuitive.

We all at times feel that we do not have the time to take a break from our hectic lives.  This is actually the time when it is the most important.

In fact, daily rejuvenation done as a habit will improve your creativity, your decision making, your mood and your energy.

Taking a vacation is not rejuvenation!  

Although you may not "feel" like you have the time to take a break, you do.  Make the choice to support yourself.

Rejuvenation needs to happen often and in short spurts to keep your energy high. 

Taking mini breaks every 20 minutes has been shown to boost decision making, creativity, energy and mood.  Set a timer.  (on your phone, silly)

When it goes off try this:

  • Close your eyes and give them a rest from looking at your screen;
  • Stand up and gently bounce on your toes getting your lymphatic system flowing;
  • If you are feeling it - do 10 air squats or 10 push ups or 5 Burpees!

Try it a few times and see how you feel!  If you love it, make a habit.

For those who are in meetings and don't feel you can do this, I want to challenge that assumption!  If you are not on video, close your eyes!  Stand up and bounce or even do some squats.  Psst!  They will not know!  And you will feel so much better at the end of the meeting.

Okay - if you are in a meeting with others, you can still stand up every so once in a while and move around, maybe get a glass of water.  Any "excuse" to move is good!

What about longer breaks?  I like to call them ponder breaks.  We all have had moments when working on  a problem or a project when we set it aside, and the answer came to us while driving, while showering or running!  

So why wait for that creative goodness?  

Schedule your ponder time!  Seriously, set some time on your calendar when you take a walk, ride your bike, sit on a bench in a park.  Ponder.  Your brain will love the break and even if you don't have a huge insight, the break will improve your creativity and problem solving - and your MOOD!

Yes, it is counter intuitive to take time away from a project to get it done faster and better!  Try it and see how it goes for you.  

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