Not enough Time?


Not enough Time? 


Hey, welcome it, it's Shannon, the creator and founder of and the

creator of sparking insights.

And today I want to share with you something that I hope will spark a really great insight

for you if you have ever found yourself complaining about time.

At the end of the day, you might think you've been busy all day, maybe you said I was busy all

day putting out fires and I don't feel like I got anything done or my to do list is still

massive. Maybe you get up in the morning feeling completely overwhelmed.

You don't know what to do first.

Your in basket and your to do list are completely overwhelming and it feels like

just too much.

And you have this experience that there's just not enough time.

Fantastic. You're in the right place.

I want to share with you something that I hope will really transform your relationship

with Time.

I want to invite you to think of time in a completely different way in order to

experience time in a completely different way.

All right, so the things that I just described, the feeling that we get at the end

of the day when we're exhausted and we still have a ton of stuff to do or the feeling that

we have in the morning, that, you know, we just have too much and we're completely

overwhelmed. And that that can happen all throughout the day where you think about you

looking down on your desk, you think I've got all this stuff to do.

I'm never going to complete it all.

And it's just an overwhelming feeling.

And you feel like time is out there kind of pressuring you and and putting demands on

you. And you have zero control.

You feel like time is the enemy, like it's some outer outside entity that is being evil

to you and sucking all of your soul away.

Well, I have absolutely felt that way when I was practicing law for a living and billing

every six minutes.

I absolutely felt that way.

And to a certain extent, as a professional firefighter, I felt that way until I learned

a little secret called Einstein Time.

So let me explain.

Have you ever...

Been in an emergency room, a waiting room, and you are waiting for the E.R.

doc to come out into the waiting room and tell you what's going on.

Have you ever been in a surgical waiting room where you're waiting for somebody that you

love to be done with surgery so that you can talk to the doc and figure out how they are?

Have you ever had a big promotion or something that you've really gone for and

you're waiting for the results?

And time was glacially slow, you would sit there and you would look at your watch

thinking, there's no way, it's only been two minutes, there's no way it seems like it's

been at least an hour.

You've got to be kidding me.

Now, I want to invite you to think of another time, maybe Pre Covid, we'll see.

But this is an experience that you've had with time that's completely different.

Maybe you met a friend for coffee.

And you sat down and you hadn't seen him in a while and you're catching up, and you finally

noticed that the waitress or the waiter was kind of acting like hinky, and you realized

that you had been sitting there for three, three and a half hours!

And they wanted to check out.

They wanted to complete their till.

And the time had just gone by like that.

Maybe you get that same really fast time feeling when you're in flow, when you're in a project that

you absolutely love, you get completely engrossed in it.

I know I've forgotten to eat before when I've gotten into that mode and I've forgotten to

pick up my child at the bus stop.

I've gotten to that point.

But think about.

What's different between those two things?

Time has 60 minutes to an hour.

Twenty four hours in a day.

What's different, it's our experience of time.

So time isn't out here.

Time is how we experience it  internally.

I invite you to think about those two very disparate ways you've experienced time.

And I invite you, to think of being the boss of time, that you are in control of how you experience time. 


Now, I can  hear the voices  going off saying: 

I have my day scheduled with call after call after call.

I don't even time to pee between calls!

Ok, I get it.

Sometimes that happens.

If that's your current life, this is what I would invite you to do to have a different

relationship with time.

I would invite you to examine your bookends when you get up in the morning before you

start work and when you go to bed at night and examine those areas outside of work that

you have more control over, what are you doing then?

How is it that you can design those bookends so that they really serve you?

Yes, it might mean not watching Netflix.

It might mean actually getting up a little bit earlier, but if you didn't watch Netflix,

you could go to bed the night before and get a fantastic amount of sleep, wake up

energized and ready to go.

During your meetings, what if you offered everyone else a break?

Let's do a three minute silly dance, let's everybody do jumping jacks if you feel like

it. Everybody run to the bathroom right now, get a glass of water.

What about the gift of giving everybody else who's running from meeting to meeting a

break? What if you set a timer during your hour long meeting and you had everyone move every 20

minutes? What if you cited science, what if you cited, like Joan Vernicos, who's the

scientist for NASA who is examining the effects of no gravity on the astronauts up

at the International Station?

The research says  you really need to move your body in subtle ways, at least every 30

minutes, just be standing up and sitting down.

But, hey, how much more fun would it be to do  a Seinfield type dance and be required

to do it?

I'm in!

Sign me up.

So I invite you to have a relationship with time where you are in charge, and maybe that

means that you want to get out of the rat race. 

It may mean that you just want to look at the time you have more control over.

And decide what you want to do with those pieces, what I refer to as the bookends, but

here's the key.

In order to be in charge of time as opposed to time being out here, we have to gain

awareness of when we are complaining about time, when we are making time, that outside

entity that's pressuring us.

So I invite you to do three things:

1. Noticed when you complain about time.  Notice  all the

different creative ways that we have found to complain about time, especially now that

we're not in traffic.

But that's a big one, right?

Think about if you can get really creative and think about ways that you tend to

complain about not having enough time.

2. After you become aware of complaining about time -

don't get all up in your stuff, just laugh! 

Notice it and laugh.

Laugh. Oh my gosh, I'm totally doing that.


I'm making time into this outside of me entity.  Laugh at your complaints!

Laugh at it in number three.

Flip it around.

And instead of making time, this outside entity, see how you can be grateful for the

time that you have, right.

Be super present with what you're doing.

And speaking of grateful, I'd love you put something in the chat, something that you're

grateful for.

Maybe you heard something really fun today.

A little insight.

I love insights.

Just takes one insight to change your life.

Have a fantastic day.

And here's to more insights.

And here's to a better relationship with time.


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