Courage inspired by my teen

courage Nov 21, 2021

Learning courage from my teenager


For most of my life, I  thought of myself as courageous.  I became a litigation attorney and practiced in the heavily male dominated field of heavy construction litigation. 

 I became a professional firefighter at age 39 beating out guys in their early 20’s in intense physical training.


This Halloween I learned far more about courage than any previous experience.

The courage to be seen as you. 

To show up exactly as you want.  Wearing what you want regardless of what others my say, think or do.



For Halloween, our son decided he wanted to dress as a French maid. 

Wearing pink.

In a dress.

With a special bodice making the skirt flare out just so.

He wanted to wear it first to a school party and then out in the world trick or treating on Halloween night.


Are you sure you want to wear that?

My stuff coming up loud and clear.

My fears of bullying.

 My fears of physical violence.

My fears.

His courage allowed him to show up looking amazing, gorgeous and handsome.

 We are all a work in progress.  

And, it takes tremendous courage to show up as you.

I’d love to hear about how you are showing up courageously in your life.



P.S.  No bullying.  His school friends thought it was amazing he wore this outfit.

Courage is a muscle.  The more we use it, the more courageous we show up.

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