Assessment: How to grow and stay confident!


When we are working towards mastery we make mistakes. In order to learn a new skill and improve we have to get uncomfortable i.e. out of our comfort zones.

As we learn and things don't as we would like, Olympic gold medalist, Lanny Bassham says we should only have three answers to the question, "How did it go?".

1.  Awesome

2. Okay

3.  This is where it gets tricky!  The negative voice wants to yell that you sucked!  But that isn't helpful.  Instead, respond, "Needs Work".

You gotta love that!

Now, the key here is if you answered with Okay or Needs work - then what?  Endless and mind numbing recreation of the mistake in your mind?  NO!  All that does is reinforces the mistake or the way you do not want to perform!  

Instead, visualize exactly how you want to perform.  Now that increases the neural path of how you want to perform.  That mental visualization will  create the foundation for the actual performance.

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