Achievement is a Seductive Lover

For most of my life achievement was the goal. Career, relationships, health, or athletics - I saw it through the lens of achievement.

Wanting to reach a huge goal (first doctorate in family, first female officer in my fire department), a small goal (complete 2 spartan races within 1 year of wrist fracture with bolts) or a seemingly impossible goal (85lb standing bicep curl?)  created constant motivation. 

 The love I sought outside myself through achievement was a lover who was always unattainable.  I could always be not quite good enough. There is always more, something bigger and better.

 Don't get me wrong, Achievement is valuable, and it has a dark side.

 Often achievement can be a way of avoiding hard conversations, things you don't want to think or speak about.

 Seeking achievement can create busyness.  When we feel constantly moving, working, and achieving you feel there isn't the "luxury" of self-reflection.

 You tell yourself there isn’t time for self care.

 Listening to our hearts or our intuitive gut might slow us down or detour us from our current achievement trajectory.  So, we avoid going there.

 Change is always inconvenient.

 I have a bias for action. Every superpower has a dark side.  My bias for action means I tend to avoid being quiet and slowing down.

 Knowing this, I create ways where “slow” is built into my world.  I float, meditate, slowly walk the dog (25 pees!), garden, mow the lawn and nap to name just a few.

Slowing down to listen is a superpower.

 Listen to you.

 What is your body telling you?

 What messages is your heart wanting you to hear? 

 What messages is your gut wanting you to hear?

 How could you step away from “busy” and step into yourself more?


Sending huge hugs,

Lt. Shannon

 P.S. At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships.  Your first and primary relationship is with you.  Your inner little kid wants you to pick them over everything else. Your inner little kid wants you to encourage them just like you do everyone else. xoxo

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