I'll be Happy when ...

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2022

Most people think happiness will arrive when they:

  • Get promoted.
  • Make X amount of money.
  • Get the perfect home or 2nd Beach home.
  • My icky boss finally retires
  •  get married or divorced
  • its sunnier
  • Covid is over
  • I don't have to work with X anymore
  • This project is complete.
  • My weight is perfect.

Anything on this short list sound familiar?

It's a game we are all playing on some level.

How about this?  Have you ever achieved your goal and enjoyed a moment of joy only to jump into the next goal immediately?

Or, have you simply moved the goal to a higher metric once you are just about to reach it!

I'll be happy when I make X becomes I'll be happy when I make 10x!

I am smiling as I type that. UGH!

What's the solution?

Do you never strive for change and things you want in life?

I have a reminder on my wall that happiness is a choice not something to be pursued.  

As a high performer you'll never get "there" so be happy on the journey.

Don't abolish the journey, the dream or the goal, just know that being happy while you play is a choice.

How about you?

Where have you fallen into the "I'll be happy when trap"?

Where could you use some gentle and loving reminders that happiness is created in each moment we choose it?

I would love to hear from you.






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