Lt. Shannon Sedlacek (ret.)

Are you playing full out?

If so, you should have some amazing wipe out stories!

Every accomplishment we achieve we tend to forget all the ways we failed!  

Before I earned my pilot's license, I lost my lunch.  

While I was flying, during a pre-exam, yes, I puked my guts out!  Not fun! And, guess what?  I can puke and fly! This was a great opportunity to end my dream of getting my pilot's license. Instead, I found a way around the hurdle.

I FAILED my first firefighter exam (think GED multiple choice)  after passing the bar exam a few years earlier. Yikes!  Time to let that dream go? Instead, I learned how to take multiple choice tests.

I landed NUMBER 1 on the hiring list and was passed over 3 times. Triple ouch! Opportunity for a pity party? Sure.  And then I got back to work!

My first Fire Academy - failed. Ouch! After many grueling months of work - I was out.  Definitely an opportunity to quit. Instead, the next fire academy I earned an inspirational award and Chief's company (best firefighter). And I  completed the fire academy just prior to my 39th birthday. I went on to become the first female officer in the history of my fire department.

I play Full OUT!  And that can produce some great wipe outs!  And, the fear of wiping out can prevent us from living our dreams.  I have done that too.

Life is easier and a lot more fun when we surround ourselves with people who support our dreams - especially when we wipe out! As your coach, I will definately challenge you to play full out (always with your permission) and I will also have your back making success easier and more fun!

If you have reached a level of success and want to get to your next level of success, let's strategize about how you can do just that. If living your optimal, Awesome life sounds like fun to you, and I sure hope it does, let's play full out together and see how amazing your life can be. 

Questions:  I've got your back!

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