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What would it be like if you had someone who always has your back? What would it be like if you had someone who was always on your side AND they will tell you things others won't? That's why some of my clients call me their secret weapon. I think everyone should have one. Let's see if we are a good fit.


The most difficult thing is the decision to ACT. The rest is mere tenacity. Amelia Earhart

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Coaching is an experience. To fully feel the power of coaching, I invite you download the form and return it to me at [email protected] I will then connect with you so we can schedule your strategy session on me. I look forward to talking!

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"If you feel that no matter how hard you tried, or planned, or dreamed, or schemed to create change in your life last year, nothing actually changed – I would like to recommend High Performance Coaching with Shannon Sedlacek. High Performance Coaching is a powerful process that is easy to understand and act upon immediately. Shannon’s coaching will change the way you consider your present and your near future. She wants you to act, get traction, and move forward NOW – perfection is not part of the equation; neither is shame or “shoulds”. Shannon is genuinely pumped to talk to you and dive into that day’s session. Her enthusiasm for you is palpable, even through your cell phone. She is no nonsense, insightful (so incredibly insightful), funny, supportive and always prepared and focused on you. She will kick your ass back into gear in the friendliest, most supportive way. Let the New Year start with Shannon Sedlacek and High Performance Coaching – it will guarantee a year with real life change. "

L. San Fellipo

"Life can get busy and stressful, and often the flame of personal motivation can diminish or be snuffed out completely. We’ve all been there. That’s why having Shannon as part of my weekly personal regimen has proven to be a source of fuel to keep that flame burning bright! My life is happier and more fulfilled because Shannon has helped give me the tools I need to improve the way I show up in both my personal and business lives. I’m accomplishing more, feeling happier and feeling more motivated than ever!"

James Chapple
Music Composer for television shows on PBS, Nickelodeon, and Amazon.