GAP = Growth, Adventure & Play. 

A Woman's Coaching Group.

Join Shannon in a group of powerful woman joyfully spiraling upwards, growing into the best version of you playing, laughing and connecting. 

Who wants more of that?! 

  • Want to create a life that is more successful in work & relationships?


  • Want more community, play and adventure?


  • Want more laughter, joy and connection with other amazing women?

Perfect. Then you're in the right place. 

Scientists say we all have a certain "happiness" or "Success" set point - a glass ceiling of sorts.  When you achieve something above your set point -  a big sale, promotion  or have a great night with someone you love, you  then unconsciously sabotage those great feelings by  experiencing something to bring you down to your set point.

  This can be a  health problem or anxiety/fear about the future, relationship squabbles or negative work issues.  After feeling the flush of something amazing in your life, the negative thoughts flood your brain hindering the enjoyment of the big win putting us back at our original set point.

This tendency (we all have it) can keep us at a certain set point in the important areas of our life:  Health/ Energy, Love/Relationships and Work.

The GAP coaching group is a vehicle for an amazing group of women to discover how you hold yourself back with stories that no longer serve you and how to create new stories that inspire you and bring you greater joy while expanding your "set point".

The 5 biggest challenges for Successful women:

1. Thinking you have to do it all alone.  (This is one of mine. :)

2. Your confidence dips after set backs or big challenges.

3. Stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated at your lack of traction towards your goals.

4. Confused and lacking clarity in this season of your life.

5. Bored, safe, sleep walking through your life at a comfortable, even high performing level. 

 You will ...

Burn what no longer serves you, letting go of old stories and limitations. 

Uncover hidden areas that hold you back, deflate your confidence and prevent you from spiraling up.

Forge your plan stepping into the best version of you.

Receive the support, love and community of your GAP sisters.

When you join GAP, a woman's coaching group, you will engage in a year of coaching, community, adventure and play!

We will ...

Meet monthly for group coaching except during weekend retreat months.

Our August session will be all fun, connection & community.

Monthly in person meetings will be at the Columbia Tower Club or The Collective from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. 

We will move to zoom meetings should Covid require us to limit in person gathering. 

Our zoom format will be two 90 minute sessions per month.  One session in the evening (usually the first Wednesday of the month) and the second session of the month will be at lunch time mid month. The zoom sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend live.)  

We will do adventures and play on two weekend retreats Friday - Sunday.

We will also have a single adventure day during 2021.

The retreat dates will be flexible due to Covid restrictions.  The plan is to have a retreat in the Spring or Fall of 2021 depending on the pandemic.  The second retreat will be January 2022.  Our full day activity adventure will be either Spring or Fall - again coordinating around Covid. 

If the pandemic prevents safe in person gathering we will postpone our retreats until a month we can gather safely.  

Both retreats will be around 2 hours drive of Seattle.  

All food and housing is covered for the retreats.

Every effort will be taken to protect your health and safety. 

We begin our first meeting in February 2021.

As a bonus for committing now, you can jump start the year and  attend the January 7-9, 2021 retreat.  Should the pandemic prevent safe in person gathering, we will reschedule for the spring or a month where it is safe to gather. To activate this bonus,  your commitment is required with payment in full by December 1, 2020.

Your investment is $1000 a month for 9 months or $7500 if paid in full now. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]


What members are saying ...

Meet Cynthia ... 

I’ve been working with Shannon for little over a year. In that time she has helped me both professionally and personally by offering opportunities to find clarity and perspective. I can confidently say that without her gentle guidance and thoughtful approach, I would not have navigated the last year nearly as successfully or as intentionally. The work is not always easy or fun, but the outcome has been worth it in every respect.

Cynthia Turner - friend, fan, supporter, cheerleader, and Administrative Law Judge


Meet Lezlie ... 

Shannon is insightful, strong in mind and body, and inspired with great ideas! As my coach, she has provided effective tools, mindfulness trainings and guidance in goal setting and healthy living that helped me grow through challenges and continually strive to become the most balanced version of my best self. Shannon’s coaching, support and encouragement has been an invaluable blessing in my life – all during a period of time when I was recovering from the loss of my brother, my dad and mother, changing career paths and recovering from a significant personal injury. Without any hesitation or qualifications, I recommend Shannon as a brilliant life coach for those seeking effective results in life-management and even transformation.
Thank you Shannon!


Keep Connecting!

I would love to keep in touch and send you fun things I am working on to bring more joy, adventure and play while you grow towards your best self!