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Generate more Clarity about what you want in this season of your life.

Feel the Courage & Confidence to go after your dreams.

Be inspired and connected with other like minded peeps.

If this sounds amazing and you would like to learn more, please complete this application. 

Once you complete the application we can connect and discuss C4R2 Adventure. To be clear, this is not a "sales conversation".  My job is simply to allow you to decide if this is a great fit for you and if you are a great fit for this Adventure.  

Thank you for your interest.  

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C4 R2 is a Coaching Adventure unlike any other! The purpose of this application to be sure that you are a great match with the group and the group is a great match for you!  So be bold and tell it like it is!

Please provide your full name.

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Please provide your cell phone number.  I will either text or email you regarding next steps so that is why I will need your cell.  

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What about joining  C4 R2 Coaching Adventure appeals to you the most?

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What is the biggest issue you are struggling with right now?  (It can be more than one!)

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What have you done so far to work on this issue?  For example, read books, therapy, meditate, coaching, retreats etc.

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If you were to look into your future, wave a magic wand and have an absolutely stunning 2023, what would that look like for you.  Describe it to me and include all three areas of your life:  Work, love/relationships and health/energy.

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I will personally review each of the applications and will get back to you to schedule a quick chat to answer any questions you might have and any that I have. Speaking of questions - what questions do you have about C4R2?

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